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Whit's Fish Now Available

Posted by Nikki Whit on

Hello Everyone!!

We are Ty and Nikki and we are proud to present you with Whit's Fish now exclusively at Trin's Fish! We specialize in providing our clients with top quality guppies for an affordable price. Several years ago I found myself really wanting to purchase some unique and beautiful guppies, but I found myself only to find top quality guppies overseas. After several attempts to purchase guppies overseas from various well known breeders I realized that paying (overseas shipping plus transhipper shipping) the full amount was adding quickly, and out of my price range. Having said that, I decided to take the time and research in depth of how to take care of guppies as well as about guppy breeding.

Guppies became my main hobby, I have devoted myself to breeding top quality guppies to share with everyone that I can be proud to put the name "Whit's Fish" on. I encourage you to put Whit's Fish into consideration when you think about purchasing guppies, I spend all hours of the day treating my fish like royalty (feeding,cleaning tanks, changing water, pampering etc).

My main strains releasing will be the following:

-Dark Purple Moscow

-Dark Green Moscow

-Red Lace Snakeskin

-Fire Emblem Males

-Orange Blast Males

-Various assorted Male strains

Please feel free to contact me for more information, inquires or even specific requests. I am here to give you top quality guppies without needing to pay for a transhipping fee. I have other strains that I am working on but unfortunately they are currently not for sale at this time. Supply is limited so get these top quality guppies while you still can!

Contact me at:

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