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TRiN's Tropical Fish

Happy Easter New Stock Recently Added 4/21/2019

Posted by TRiN on

Happy Easter!

We have some cool fish in stock right now, free shipping on orders over $100 promo code FREE100

Celestial Pearl Danios
Longfin Panda Cory Cats
Dwarf Emerald Rasbora
Peacock Gudgeons
Sajica Cichlid
Pea Puffers
Orange Laser Cory Cats
Clown Loaches
Danio Kyathit
Fundulopanchax gardneri "Gold" Killifish
Lancer Catfish
Aphyosemion pyrophore 'Komono RPC 82' Killifish
Nannostomus Eques Pencilfsh
L240 Galaxy Vampire Pleco
Male/Female Motoro Stingray Pups
Blue Banded Bushfish
Zebra Acara (Ivanacara adoketa)
Sumo Loach
Grade A Imported Thai Red Dragon Flowerhorn
Blonde African Dwarf Frog
Chili Rasboras
Ember Tetras
Marbled Hoplo Catfish

Bigger fish available for pick up
12" Vulture Catfish
12" Brycon

Lots of big easy to keep plants in stock as well